Welcome to Cosmo’s Canine Bakery


           Cosmo’s Canine Bakery is proud to present the best natural, wholesome treats for our furry friends.  My devoted “Mom” bakes the treats with only high quality ingredients. 

           She makes small batches of treats to ensure freshness for me and my friends and uses only human grade and some organic ingredients in her award winning recipes.

           She co-developed a great supplement that she makes and gives to all of us at Cosmo’s.  It’s called “Love Your Coat”.  It’s helped to keep me around a lot longer than the vet’s thought I’d be here with my Cancer.  The side benefit or some would say the main benefit (depends on who you talk to) is that my coat and everyone else’s in the house are beautiful.  Mom says we are lush and shiny and we just glow with good looks.  When Mom’s not baking she’s also raising Champion Alaskan Malamutes and she loves that their coats glow with little effort.  Please check out the product information on that too.

           Mom loves to pass on products that she thinks are good for us that she doesn’t make.  Her  favorite the past two years is called “PlaqClnz”.  It helps keep the tarter off our teeth and keeps our breath fresh.  This too can be found in the product list and is available for purchasing. 

           Our treats are now available at upscale pet facilities in Howell and Brighton.  Please check out our Links page for more information.


Please note that when placing your order you will be taken to a PayPal checkout system. 

You do not need a Pay Pal account to purchase from us.

You can use your own credit card.  Look for the words “Don’t have a PayPal account?  Pay with your debit or credit card...

Fall Moon Puppy Cam

Join us in the joy of watching Nevar and Zep’s Litter of pups.

Due to be born 8/30/13


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